“Some things are believed because they are demonstrably true.  But many other things are believed because they are consistent with a widely held vision of the world – and this vision is accepted as a substitute for facts.  Subjecting beliefs to the test of hard facts is especially important when it comes to economic beliefs because economic realities are inescapable limitations on millions of people’s lives, so that policies based on fallacies can be devastating in their impacts.   Conversely, seeing through those fallacies can open up many unsuspected opportunities for a better life for millions of people.”

- Thomas Sowell, “Economic Facts
and Fallacies”






Our ongoing, working contract to you:

  • Significantly increase your wealth with each strategy applied, and …
  • maintain (even reduce) your current risk level; and …
  • increase your benefits, cash flow and current enjoyment; and ...
  • eliminate, or reduce as much as possible, the wealth eroding factors; and ...
  • accomplish this with no additional out-of-pocket outlay.

Is failure an option in your current plan?
If you don't know beyond the shadow of a doubt, how come?
If you could eliminate failure as an option, would you want that?

What the genius of
Pasteur … did for medicine
Copernicus  … did for astronomy
Einstein … did for physics
has transformed people’s
financial decision making.

Technology has …
Taken the x-ray … to the MRI
Taken genetics … to the DNA model
Taken aviation … to the flight simulator

Taken the 30 year proven PS&G Model®
to enabling your complete financial awareness.



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